Orange Truck

from by Dead Canaries



Orange Truck

I watched you chase the wind to the lake
and as the temperature rose
I could feel your body move through the moist summer
Your lethargic reaction was unfortunately obliged
to crush everything I had under you my tangerine bride

No one knows what time it is
no one seems to care
You're alone with your friend and us
asked me to take you some where
we all see this as fair

Your clothes now have suffused and the dew point is coming up fast
I feel your body move to the side citrus in the air
Your lethargic state of mind is closer now to mine
the reaction of doldrums and indolence with you my tangerine bride

No one knows where we go
no one seems to care
You and me and our friends make 3
or 4 if you're still here
No one knew what time it was
no one knew who cared
You asked me to take you
we all thought this was fair
chasing the wind anywhere


from Tintorera, released August 5, 2017



all rights reserved


Dead Canaries Richmond, Virginia

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